Beach Huts Guanidup (Selection Nativa Tours)

For those who really want to get away from all, relax and enjoy this remote island, the best in the western part of the region of Guna Yala. It’s completely rustic, but it’s this utopian style shipwreck island that most visitors prefer, in a style of Robinson Crusoe. Almost as big as a football field, the Guanidup Island is bordered with palm trees and hammocks that give a perfect image in its symmetry. The island is surrounded by coral reef, but there is also a deep sand, by its pier, which makes it an ideal area to swim (many islands have beaches with shallow water). Miguel, the owner, and his motley crew every morning rake the white sand, and have a well stocked supply of drinks and liquors. There is also a volleyball net, a large dining area, and a number of covered picnic tables.

Stay at Guanidup, away from mass tourism, and enjoy the incredible beauty of the San Blas Archipelago!

All Inclusive Package starting at $ 199.00 per person