Sports & Adventures

With its 4 archipelagos, primary forests and volcanic mountains, Panama is a perfect country for practicing a variety of sports and experiencing adventures off the beaten track.

Tree treck

What a pleasure to climb to the top of these giant trees on the canopy and then what a sensation to slide towards another a few hundred meters further down. This activity, accessible to all even children from about 7 years old, can be done either in Panama city, in Colon, in Cocle or in Boquete at the famous Panama tree treck which also offers bungalows at more than 1500 meters of altitude just below the arabica coffee plantations.

Scuba diving & snorkeling

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Around Coiba, scuba diving offers the possibility of encountering big species such as whale sharks, other sharks, manta rays or even very large fish of various species. Bocas del toro has many dolphins and interesting dives. You can also enjoy snorkeling. The most daring will dive into Gatun Lake to discover a submerged primary forest.

On the other hand, for snorkeling, the San Blas archipelago remains one of the tops of the Caribbean: thanks in particular to the sailboats that Nativa Tours offers you: the anchorages on the large reefs, including the famous Hollandes reef, offer unique coral reefs and beautiful fish, multicolored. Visibility and weakest currents are from May to November, a time which can be combined with humpback whale watching in the Pacific.


This is a thrilling adventure that not only allows you to have great sensations but also to discover the flora and fauna, along the rivers. Mainly practiced in the Chiriqui.


Often twin seats, these kayaks allow you to discover the islands and the reefs (San Blas, Bocas del Toro) but also the rivers (Chiriqui, Chagres) and the lakes (Bayano, Gatun)

All our sailboats in the San Blas are equipped with kayaks and we can also rent them to discover the rivers of the country.


The name of Panama means abundance of fish in the native language.

The country has nearly 250 world fishing records, including the largest black marlin and all the Pacific coasts of Panama abound, particularly towards the Bahia Pina or Coiba area.

If you want to include a day of fishing in your stay or devote most of your stay to this sport (it is really a very physical sport most of the time!), consult us as we know many bases dedicated to this activity. They pratice catch & release.

Freshwater fishing also has its spotwith the Gatun Lake on the Panama Canal: abundant fish of some 20 species. In addition, the setting of the surrounding primary forest is spectacular and sometimes you come across crocodiles that can measure up to 6 meters!

Trolling is also part of the sailboats in San Blas but the catches remain incomparable compared to the Pacific which is a MUST. But, on the other hand, there are lobsters and giant crabs in San Blas !

Surfing & Kitesurfing

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Panama is famous for surfing thanks to its Santa Catalina spot on the Pacific: “point breaks”, “beach breaks”, “hollow tubes” or “long peelers”, anything goes. In addition, the spot is less well known than those in other countries and there is more space to surf.

The world championship contest was held in Santa Catalina a few years ago and the champion was a native of the village!

Kite surfing also has its spot: Punta Chame 45 minutes from Panama City where the wind blows always stronger than elsewhere and the site is suitable for this sport. Nativa Tours also offers some sailboats dedicated to kite surfing on the San Blas archipelago where the spots are absolutely remarkable in summer (December to April) when the trade winds blow 15 to 25 knots.

Trekking: in the forest & the mountains

Panama national parks offer hundreds of hikes and the most exclusive is the ascent of our country’s highest peak: Mount Baru is over 3.474 meters above sea level. On clear days, you can see the two oceans.

It can also be done by mountain bike: we offer some guided day tours around Panama City that quickly moves the adventurer into the heart of the primary forest.

Horse riding

The horse is first and foremost a way of life and a means of transportation in the remote areas of Panama.

We offer walks on the beaches in Bocas del Toro near the bay of dolphins, in the mountains of Boquete or El Valle and also with our equestrian guide, Bonny, through the beautiful countryside east of the Caribbean coast of Panama (costa Arriba de Colon)


There, we touch on our specialty because we offer sailboats to navigate and discover dream anchorages on the 4 archipelagos and the 2 oceans of our beautiful country.

Of course, the skippers love to give courses and advices to neophites or already enlightened amateurs.

So, embark either in San Blas, Bocas del toro, Perlas or Coiba!

Le golf

The courses are numerous and often located in the heart of nature: one sometimes meets wild animals on the fair ways!

The standard is high because this sport is very popular in Panama and we offer hotel-golf packages often located near beaches for those who prefer swimming or the beach.

The 2 best golf of Panama are located at BlueBay Coronado G. & Beach Resort, Coronado Beach and Buenaventura G.C., Farallon