Panama, much more than a Canal!

Panama is a country where its natural spectacles, its persuasive history and its fascinating culture come together in a rich tapestry of endless options for exploration and adventure.

For fans of sports and adventure, we offer a variety of programs that can include Rafting, Sailing, Snorkeling and other travel options. If you are an enthusiast of tourist visits, we offer programs to places of historical interest such as the colonial vestiges of Old Panama, Old Town, and Fort San Lorenzo, as well as the most famous Canal in the world. For nature lovers, Nativa Tours offers spectacular programs to breathtaking forests, beautiful mountains, the picturesque valley of Boquete, and several of the country’s famous national parks.

Nativa Tours specializes in programs that visit the indigenous cultures of Panama and we offer several programs that explore indigenous communities. We also offer programs to the San Blas Islands in the Panamanian Caribbean, which have become one of the most popular ecotourism destinations in Central America and the Caribbean!

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