Province of Chiriquí

The capital of Chiriqui Province is David, the third largest city in Panama. Chiriqui has a wide variety of climates ranging from hot and humid lowlands to cool and moist highlands and is famous for its coffee plantations, oranges and strawberries.  The highlands of Chiriquí are volcanic in origin, and include the towns of Boquete, Volcan and Cerro Punta.

The highest mountain in the country, Volcan Baru, is located here and has an altitude of 11,400 feet (3300 meters).  Chiriquí is rich in wildlife and home to the few remaining Quetzales, a colorful species of tropical bird that is an endangered species.  The province is also home to the Ngobe-Bugle,  Panama’s second most famous indigenous tribe, following the Kuna of the San Blas Islands. The majority of Ngobe-Bugle live in small communities or villages in the Chiriquí highlands and work on the region’s coffee plantations.

There is an incredible array of adventure options in the area ranging from hiking Volcan Baru to rafting the Chiriquí River, a truly memorable experience and a great opportunity to enjoy the natural beauty of the province.