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Panama, a country of diversity ideal for your honeymoon.


If organizing a wedding that you both like is important, choosing the destination for your honeymoon is no less important. And it is that it is the moment that you will have to enjoy with your partner everything you have experienced and to be alone, a trip that you will always remember and on which it is important that you reflect.

Panama has, throughout its territory, some truly magical places to enjoy a honeymoon. Due to the beauty of its coasts, the amazing landscapes that it presents in the surroundings and the jewels that nature and culture offers in each of its corners, there are certain places that, undoubtedly, are created to be enjoyed as a couple and live those days so unforgettable in the best way.

Along the Caribbean coasts you can visit the San Blas Archipelago: without a doubt, it is a true earthly paradise, because its coasts can appreciate all the unique virtues of the Caribbean. The climate, the landscapes and the transparency of the sea are just some of the spices that this place offers. In addition, due to its surroundings, you can visit traditional villages and quiet beaches where you can enjoy yourself as a couple.

The Pacific also has its own pearls, which you should definitely visit: relatively remote islands with charming villages and hotels, where colors, aromas and flavors have a unique and particular charm. Really beautiful beaches and many more surprises await you in this true refuge of nature.

With 1,500 islands on both coasts, romantic hotels, exquisite restaurants, tranquil mountain retreats, luxurious spa centers, spectacular sunsets, deserted beaches and islets, Panama offers the perfect setting for a very romantic honeymoon!

Our honeymoon packages include the best of Panama and we are always ready to design a totally personalized honeymoon to celebrate the start of your new life together!

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