Dirk, January 2022

Hi Bernard,First of all thanks a lot for all your service and please also pass our thanks to your daughter – who organized a nice trip after our stay on the boats. Take care Dirk

French guests January 2019 (here translated in English) :

We have been back in France for a week now. What a change in temperature and climate! Here’s a little debriefing on the trip:   -Overall successful and very interesting trip, varied in visited regions And Panama seems to us an easy country to live with, with Panamanians very pleasant and courteous. Are amazed at how few people speak English, even in hotels, it’s like it. It seems to us that Panama is not very concerned with tourism, see above, almost no road signs.   -The car, well enough to do what we did. 1500 kms The transfers were very punctual.   -Visit of Panama, only downside no French guide for the Embera. Gerti very interesting guide. Baru Lodge suited us very well, it would have been necessary to indicate some restaurants nearby.   -San Blas Sailing aboard NIKITA catamaran was just gorgeous, Nino and hir super-friendly son and hostess cooking was fabulous! Superb cruise that we already recommend.   -For the rest valle Anton, Santa Fe, good accommodation and interesting areas to visit.   -Boca Chiqua: the luxury very good to cut the stay and 2 nights were enough for us.   -Because we regret not having spent one night in Bocquette to do the volcano Baru Or possibly do Cerra Punta / Bocquette on a hike and come back by taxi. Too bad we did not have more specific information on these eventualities, because on the spot  in Cerro Punta, no information available. Accommodation Los Quetzales friendly and nice and warm restaurant.   -Bocas del Toro: be careful you need Vouchers because we galley and lost the time to make it clear that it was booked and settled by Nativa, taxi 25, boat tour, Ngobe Bugle.   Thank you so much for this wonderful trip, which happened in excellent conditions for us.   I will send you photos soon. Best regards   Christian & Martine Grellier

Rip Reeves & Family / January 2020

Good Morning Neris and thanks for all your assistance on this trip.  We had a wonderful time in Panama City and VIP One!   All your arrangements went through smoothly and we couldn’t ask for a more pleasant trip for the family, so thanks again for your wonderful planning and execution on every aspect of it. The drivers, hotel, Panama tour guide, and boat/crew were all most pleasant and enjoyable.   We’re happy to answer specific questions you may have, but please know we have nothing but good things to share!!!

Ana Sabates Dec 2019 – Jan 2020

The pros
The organization. They gave us a dossier with all the details of the trip, route, distances between departure and destination, explanation of the place, ect., All super detailed. A trip totally tailored to our needs. Excellent service from the driver to the guide. A charm of people and very professional.

The cons
Maybe the mosquitoes, especially in the coastal area. You have to go well prepared and prevented with anti mosquitoes and long-sleeved clothes at night.

Trip Description
Nature in its purest form. If you like biodiversity, it is your destiny. It is a country to return, there are a lot of natural parks and islands to discover. We will definitely return. We were there for Christmas and the weather was excellent. We were able to enjoy the beach on the north coast of the Caribbean, in the Bocas del Toro area, specifically on Isla Bastimentos. Very interesting visit and explanation to the Panama Canal.