Province of Herrera

Herrera province is the smallest of Panama with 2,340 km2. Its capital is Chitré. Herrera is located on the Azuero peninsula.

Herrera is rich of its folklore and traditions. The handcraft is also numerous and elegant: clay is used also in the streets of Chitré and Parita. A colonial style that is visible by the design of the villages and the inhabitant style of life.

Herrera limits are: Veraguas province in its west and north west, Cocle province in its north, the Panama Pacific golf in its east and the province of los Santos in its South- south East.

Rice plantation

Sugar cane

Agriculture is based on: fruits, cacao, beans, tabacco, rice, coffee, corn, water melon, sugar cane, melon. Poultry and cattle are also part of the local revenues. From the sugar cane is made local ron (famous local Abuelo ron and seco). Also dairy farms.

Traditions are really present but they have their time of glory during the carnival of la Berraquera in the city of Chitré. The sugar cane festival is in Pesé et the famous Manito festival is in Ocú.

The “Albino du Sarigua¨ (National Sarigua park) 8 000 hectars large is to be visited! Human presence as old as 11,000 Years BC has been found there. The particularity is that this area is hyper dry: this is like a desert! A deserted area due to the salt in its soil that did avoid plants to grow.

In its north, there’s a natural swrimps exploitation, playing with the tides to change several times a day the water of the natural pools.

Herrera, ” the land where no-one is a stranger” is known for its friendly people.