Province of Darien

The Darien province is located at the extreme oriental of the Panama Republic.

It is the largest province in Panama and also the least developed: the landscape is covered by rugged mountains, rivers, virgin forests and beautiful beaches.

It is considered the last safe home for many endangered species, being considered one of the most complete tropical ecosystems in America.

The Darien National Park is the largest in the Republic of Panama. In 1981 UNESCO included it in its list of World Heritage Sites.

It is the largest national park, not only in Panama, but also in all of Central America, extending beyond the border with Colombia. The protected area rises from the Pacific coasts with beaches, mangroves and coastal lagoons, to the rain forests on the top of Cerro Tacarcuna.

In this national park you will find white sand beaches, rocky coastlines, mangroves, marshes and tropical forests of high and low lands that are home to exceptional fauna and flora, where the most important rivers in the region are born.

The most common species are the macaw, the parrot, the tapir and the Harpy Eagle (national bird of the Republic of Panama). With more than 40 endemic species of orchids and about 450 types of birds, five of them endemic to the area, Darién is home to three indigenous groups, Emberá, Wounaan and Guna, who still maintain their ancestral customs.

409/5000The Darién National Park allows you to combine adventure and experience through mangroves, forests and marshes, and dances of the communities. The walks with observation of birds, mammals and vegetation and the tours of the navigable rivers Tuira and Chucunaque are some of the proposals to enter this place. The sandy beaches and rocky coastlines allow the practice of water sports.