Province of Darién

The Darien province is located at the extreme oriental of the Panama Republic.

It represents the largest one but the less developped: the landscape is covered by montains, rivers, primary forests, beaches where live Native Indians in their original land.

The province is the Native land of three specific ehtnies: the Emberas, the Wounaans and the Gunas (leaving also in the San Blas Islands): they all maintain their ancestral traditions, style of life because civilization has almost not penetrated there yet. Note that’s there NO road going through the Darien forest (only part where famous Panamerica road do not exist)

Darien, one of most complete and preserve ecosystem of the Americas, is considered as one of the few natural sanctuary for many wild species living in harmony with human beings.

Darien national park is the widest of Panama.

In 1981, UNESCO included it in the Humanity patrimony list.

In fact, this is the largest park of Central America as it gets extension up to Colombia. The protected areas include the Pacific coast line with its beaches, mangrove from the sea to the ombrophiles forests of Tacarcuna montain.

This park offers white sand beaches, rocky beach fronts, mangroves, swamps, and gorgeous forests hosting rich and gorgeous fauna & flora. Most rivers from eastern Panama take birth in Darien.

Most pretigious birds are the guacamayo (Ara parrot), the Quetzal but one can also meet tapirs, crocodiles, pumas, oslos, monkeys, slots, etc… and the emblematic bird of Panama: the eagle Harpía. With more than 40 endémic orchids and more than 450 species of birds (5 of them endemic) Darien has no same in the Americas.

Darién Nationa park is a mixt of adventures and strong experience with mother nature. Also an opportunity to meet genuine Natives.

Trekking through the forests or along the large rivers like the Tuira and the Chucunaque are daily meetings with Native in their villages but also with wild animals. One couldn’t consider going without a guide in this part of Panama: that is why we did select the most experimented.

A stay in darien must last at least 4 days best is to extend to 7.

Our Darien 4 days program

Handcraft is beautifull (famous bowls) and prices very low. This also represents a good contribution for Natives so they get a substenable revenue.