Culture and Folklore

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Panama is a real melt pot of cultures: the Natives Indians, the Europeans to colonize, the Chinese from Canton to built the train path, the Caribbeans & North Americans to built the canal and now the Latin Americans. The culture is strong though various. Panama is one of the only country on the planet to have still its Native living on their ancestral land and not parked in reserves. Panama also did offer a full independance about social rules and culture to these Native living in independant territories called comarcas. Handcraft is various and rich. Panama is a real country of tolerance.

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The Tagua is a nut of a palmtree that is hand craft and painted

The famous Panama hat can take several month to be made for the most delicate pieces.

Baskets are also very popular as well as the craft wood and the famous Guna molas.

Le Carnaval

Carnival is the most excepted event in Panama!

It happens always 40 days before Christian Eastern so dates change every year but it is between mid February and mid March.

THE place to be is Las Tablas in the province of Los Santos. Nevertheless, the whole country is a big fiesta at carnival time.

To drink, to dance and to have fun: that is the deal. Water cistern need to spray water to the participants as this happens at the hot and dry season!


We offer special ” museums” tours in Panama: consult us!

Captain Morgan, Panama Canal, molas, contemporary art, sciences, bio diversity (design by Franck Ghery), these are some of tyhe mueums one can visit in Panama City.

Many museums are also located in the whole republic.


Pre-Columbian Treasures

Anton Valley Tour

Tour to Community Embera

Full Day Panama City & Canal Tour

Half Day Panama City & Canal Tour

Visit of the Museums of the Casco Antiguo (Old Town)

Touring the Museums of Panama City


Bocas del Toro & Ngöbe Buglé Indigenous Community

Panamanian Traditions

Guanidup Overnight

Embera Village Overnight

Adventures in the Primary Rainforest of Darien


Epic Adventure (11 days)

Family Fun (12 days)

Indigenous Secrets (12 days)

Ethnic Traces (10 days)

Treasure & Gold Trail (9 days)