Pre-Columbian Treasures

4 Hours - Visit the ruins of the first city founded in the Pacific of Panama. Then, you will visit ¨REPROSA¨, where they reproduce the gold pieces found in Panama la Vieja. You will end up in "I Love Panama Chocolate" and learn how to make chocolate.

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The first stop of this visit is in Old Panama:

It is the name of the archaeological site where the city of Panama was located since its foundation in 1519, until 1671. The city was moved to a new location, about ten kilometers to the southwest, to be destroyed after an attack by the English pirate Henry Morgan, in the early 1670s. From the hometown, considered the first European colony on the Pacific coast of America, several ruins Today make up this archaeological site.

Our second stop is at Reprosa Treasure of Panama Experience:

This workshop aims to revive ancient civilizations, cultural traditions and natural treasures of Panama. You’ll see how pre-Hispanic works are made using the “Lost Wax Process”, a method that ancient goldsmiths in Panama used thousands of years ago to craft their wonderful gold coins. After the presentation of a video, you will walk along a bridge where you can learn more about the history behind our works. Then you will see a live metal casting demonstration and you will be able to participate in the process. This tour continues in a very complete shop offering a wide variety of crafts and souvenirs for all budgets.

To end the visit, we will visit the facilities of the Panamanian chocolate factory I Love Panama Chocolate:

The participants will receive information on the history of the factory, explanations and tastings of each chocolate scent, history, traditions and the culture of Panama. They will organize an interactive exhibition / creation of chocolate bars by the participants inside the laboratory and a raffle among the participants of the prize of courtesy.

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  • Hector Saez March 27, 2020

    ma femme a bien aime mais moi je suis pas trop ruines …

  • Maddison Mccoy May 24, 2019

    Is an excellent tour, I you enjoy the history. Here you will find a lot of information, for sure.