#909 Panamanian Traditions (3 days – 2 nights)

You will be picked up at your hotel for a transfer to Central Provinces, specifically the Province of Herrera, where you will stay in the Hotel Cubitá. Cubitá is the name used for the pre-Columbian indigenous major river in the area, and also for a town near where today is La Villa de Los Santos.

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You will know Panamanian traditions in Azuero, who has a great cultural historical legacy that converge and keep alive our roots and traditions. The Panamanian folklore, which is simply the result of the passage of different people and civilizations from pre-Columbian times, were eventually forming a distinct cultural identity and has been characterized as folk high expression of the Isthmus of Panama.

herreraConsidered by many “the cultural heart of Panama”, the inhabitants of the “Peninsula de Azuero” live their traditions and folklore with pride and express it in many festivals throughout the year. You will see in detail the preparation of the “Pollera”, one of the most beautiful traditional costumes of the world, visiting artisans who dedicated their life to the development of the dress. You will also visit local artisans who make “diablicos” masks, drums and gold jewelry as part of the typical Panamanian culture.

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You will continue to know the Panamanian traditions here in Herrera, where you will experience the different uses of sugar cane from the refreshing juice called “Guarapo”, traditional cooking molasses until artisanal production of sugar cane liquor. You will see salt extraction in the Pacific Ocean, visit the production of ceramic clay handmade and learn how the famous Arena bread is baked.

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