#503 Tour to community Embera

The Chocó indigenous group is divided into two smaller groups: Wounaan and Embera. These two groups have exactly the same roots : they originally came from the ancient Gran Colombia´s Choco region about 300 years ago, and settled mainly in the Darien Jungle.

Their behavior is the same: both groups use blowguns for hunting, men wear loincloth,and women wear skirts (parumas) and bare breasts. Their housing system consists of high houses on stilts with roofs of palm leaf called “tambos”, they decorate their body using a fruit juice called “jagua” and have skills for carving wood and tagua and making baskets.

You will be picked up early in the morning by a guide to go to the port of Nuevo Vigia and take the boat that will take you by the Alajuela Lake, an artificial lake that holds 40% of the water used in the Panama Canal. Upon arrival, explore the community, its traditions and culture, while your guide offers information about this ethnic group.



Admire the famous Taguas, small sculptures made from a seed (because of its solid consistency it has been given the name of vegetable ivory). They are great wood carvers specializing in fine wood as the Cocobolo tree. They also make beautiful baskets fibers, dedicating several days to manufacture one piece. In short, their crafts are true works of art and are available for sale.

During your visit, you will be greeted with traditional music, the ethnic group will show you their traditional dances accompanied by flutes and the path of medicinal plants with few uncommon names. You will be offered a typical Embera lunch consisting of fried fish (usually Tilapia) and fried plantains. You will have a free time to see the crafts or take a refreshing dip in the river before returning.

Duration: about 8 hours (if you want you can spend the night in the community > link)

Pick up time: 8:00 a.m.

Included: Guide, lunch, entrance fees and transportation

Prices per person:

1 pax: $ 312.00

2 pax: $ 210.00

3 pax: $ 170.00

4 pax: $ 159.00

5 pax: $ 142.00

6 pax: $ 142.00


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