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The Anton Valley is one of the most picturesque areas of the central provinces of Panama. Located two hours away from Panama City in the Province of Coclé, lay this unique village, also known as the home of eternal spring. Anton is known for its fresh spring like climate all year. The village is located in a fertile valley of 18.3 km2 and rises to 600 m above sea level, with a climate of around 18 °C.

Geologists have concluded that the Valley is the crater of a dormant volcano, the largest inhabited volcano crater in the world. The mild climate of the area invites visitors to experience its attractions.

The Valley has a unique biodiversity and protects a large number of species of flora, characteristic of Pre-Mountain Rainforest. The same holds endemic wildlife species and endangered species such as the Golden Frog, unique in the world. The presence of a large number of orchids and identification of floristic relict as Zambia (living fossil of the Panamanian flora) is a palm that did not evolve, denote the high biodiversity and ecological importance of the area.

 ZambiaZambia (living fossil of the Panamanian flora)

A major attraction in the Valley is the “Sunday Market”, held every Sunday morning in a covered market on the main road, which is full of artisans who come down to the village from the surrounding mountains to sell their wares. The Sunday market in the Valley is considered one of the best supplies in the region. It is an excellent opportunity to buy local crafts such as ceramics, wooden trays, wooden bowls, woven baskets, hats, paintings on wood, hammocks, molas, gourds carved and painted (cups made of calabash) and trinkets made of acorn and vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants, flowers and orchids.

The “Chorro Macho”, located on the road to the village La Mesa, is a private Ecological Refuge belonging to Mr. Raul Arias. The highest waterfall in the Valle with an approximate height of 35 meters coming from the Quebrada Amarilla; under the waterfall a natural pool which according to legend is delighted forms. Called Chorro Macho, because the foot of the Cascade Tapirs used to go in droves to drink water and the Tapir is commonly called “Macho de Monte”.

The Nursery and the Zoo El Nispero, established in 1978 by the Caballero family who love plants and animals. At first, it was mainly a plant nursery with some animals, but thanks to an international exchange program now there are many animals that come from the Americas, Asia, Mexico and even as far away as Madagascar. Of course there are many animals native from Panama and the nearly extinct “Golden Frog”.

The Butterfly House “Butterfly Haven”, created by American Owner Jon Owens. It consists of a House of Flying with a hundreds of beautiful tropical butterflies and an educational station. But Butterfly Haven goes a step further in that it has a mission to promote the conservation of butterflies and nature providing information on how to attract and protect these magnificent creatures. They also provide information on how to grow gardens without the use of toxic chemicals.

The Orchid Conservation Center APROVACA, founded in 2001 in order to preserve the native orchids endangered, since they confront two major problems: deforestation and hunting for sale. They have a nursery for breeding and conservation. They have a sponsorship program “Flower of the Holy Spirit”, which is the national flower of Panama, to raise funds for conservation projects orchids. They receive financial and technical support from the Japanese government.

The “India Dormida”: legend narrates the death of the youngest daughter of Cacique Urraca, known as Flor del Aire, in love with a Spanish officer who subjected his people and Yaraví brave warrior in love, who is despised by Flor del Aire, and commits suicide before her eyes, not wanting to betray his people, renounces love abroad and desperate crying, grieving his misfortune is lost in the weeds, is laid on the savanna and … die. It was and then the hills and valleys on the cover and melancholy embrace decide perpetuate their figure, sculpting in a majestic mountain to remember forever. We discover this mountain when we visit the Valley.

Duration: approx. 8 hours

Pick up time: 8:00 AM

Includes: Entrances, Private Transportation

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