Hotel Guanidup

For those who really want to get away from it all to relax and enjoy, this remote island is the best in the western comarca. It’s utterly rustic, but it’s such a utopian, castaway-style isle that most visitors actually prefer the Robinson Crusoe-type lodging. About as large as a soccer field, Isla Guanidup is fringed with palms strung with hammocks that look picture-perfect in their symmetry. The island is ringed in coral here but there also is a deeper, sandy spot by their dock that makes for an ideal swimming area (many islands have shallow-water beaches). Miguel, the owner, and his motley crew each morning rake the white sand in Zen-like perfection, and they have a well-stocked supply of beverages and booze.  There are also a volleyball net, a spacious eating area, and a set of covered picnic tables.

Stay at Guanidup far away from mass tourism and enjoy the beauty of the incredible San Blas Archipelago!

Watch this video of Kuanidup

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