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Zipline: There is nothing more exciting than flying over the rainforest canopy on a zip-line. Read More...

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8 Hours - The caves offered during this day of excursion are one of the highlights of Bayano Lake, which were formed many years ago due to an underground river that continues to flow until now. Find out during a wonderful day of exploration! Bats and other rare fauna are part of this tour!

8 Hours
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4 Days - Do you want to know one of our World Heritage Sites? Coiba is the ideal place that gives you the opportunity to dive with the ¨Big ones¨ of the ocean. You will visit one of the largest marine parks in the world, with its exuberant biodiversity.

4 Days

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Zipline: There is nothing more exciting than flying over the rainforest canopy on a zip-line. There are zip line canopy adventures in Panama City, Coclé, and Boquete.

Scuba Diving and Snorkeling: Panama is a world-class destination for both tank diving and snorkeling and offers both the the incredible reefs and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean-style Atlantic Coast and the vast and mysterious Pacific Ocean full of large marine species.

Another popular diving destination is the jungle- encircled Gatun Lake of the Panama Canal. With the Atlantic and Pacific oceans just 50 miles apart, it's even possible to dive both oceans in one day! Panama offers incredible diving opportunities for every level of diver. Due to an unusual confluence of currents, Panama’s Pacific Ocean water temperature is very tropical and constant, so wetsuits are not necessary, and the country is ideal for year-round scuba diving and snorkeling. Water visibility varies from one dive spot to another, and is always dependent on weather conditions, but the months of September and October are traditionally the best months. During this period there is less rain and wind, allowing for clearer water conditions.

Rafting: Rafting in Panama is a rewarding experience and most of the country's rivers are located in the Province of Chiriqui. Whitewater rafting also gives visitors the ability to experience the incredible diversity of flora and fauna, waterfalls, canyons and wildlife.

Kayaking: Panama offers some of the most exciting kayaking excursions in the world. Major kayaking destinations include West Panama (Chiriquí/ Bocas Del Toro) and East Panama (Colon/ Panama province / Darien). Panama boasts miles and miles of open coastal water for touring, expedition and sea kayaking in addition to rivers suitable for whitewater enthusiasts. Many of Panama's best kayaking tours must be self-supported as they trek through regions that are very remote and unpopulated.

Together, the coral dotted waters of the Atlantic Ocean/Caribbean Sea and the rivers of the interior provinces of Coclé and Veraguas create the perfect environment for kayak enthusiasts.

Sport fishing: The name Panama literally means “abundance of fish” in the indigenous language and the country definitely lives up to its name. It has several world class fishing areas including Panama’s Pinas Bay, home to more world fishing records than any other destination in the world – 250 to be exact! Pacific sailfish are present year-round and from April through July, multiple hookups are the norm, rather than exception, as black, blue and striped marlin abound in numbers unheard of elsewhere.

For freshwater fishing,Lake Gatun in the Panama Canal has fish that are so abundant that catching at least twenty fish is normal for everyone, including children. This area also allows fishermen to enjoy the rainforest scenery surrounding the lake.

Surfing: Panama has some of the best surf breaks in all of Central America! Whether you like point breaks, beach breaks, hollow tubes, or long peelers, Panama has a wide variety of conditions to accommodate your style. Unlike Costa Rica, Panama is still virgin and visitors can have many of the best surf spots to themselves. Few people know about Panama’s surfing potential, which is a big plus for surfers who visit! Panama is quickly becoming more and more popular for surfers from around the globe and several international competitions are now being held in the country.

Hiking & trekking: The National Parks of Panama contain endless hiking trails and many are easy enough to traverse without a guide. However, due to the density of some of the rainforests, staying on designated trails is highly recommended. To increase your chances of actually seeing wildlife and birds (including Quetzals in Boquete) guides offer a real advantage.

Horseback riding: Horses are a way of life in Panama and it's not unusual to look out the window of your casita and have a horse looking back at you. Horseback riding in Panama is mostly on western horses with western saddles. There are great areas for riding on the beaches of Bocas del Toro near Dolphin Bay and in the mountains of Boquete or El Valle.

There is a wide range of opportunities for sailing in Panama. The San Blas archipelago, located
in the Caribbean Sea a few miles off the north coast of Panama, was selected as the third most beautiful destination in the world and the best way to explore it is by boat. Of the 365 islands, only about 10% are inhabited, the remaining islands are deserted or home to a few isolated families.

Located off the Pacific coast of Panama lies one of the country’s most valuable treasures – the Pearl Islands. Historically famous for its pearls, the islands are now famous for the incredible sailing in the area. Another highly recommended sailing destination is Coiba Archipelago, which has both rich wildlife and tiny deserted islets. Feel like Robinson Crusoe, explore lonely spots, meet indigenous people and enjoy the beauty of Panama by boat!

Golf: There are six golf courses on the isthmus and Panamá Country Club, Summit, Fort Amador, and Itoroko, the former US golf course, are all open to tourists. Guest cards are needed to play the 18-hole course at Coronado Beach Country Club. We recommend the Jack Nicklaus Buenaventura golf & resort > consult us for reservation and " other than golf" activities for the rest of the family like day catamaran sailing trip, visit to the Anton Valley, etc...