#609 Gatun Expedition, Aerial Tram and Sloth Sanctuary

A Nativa Tours representative will pick you up at your hotel and take you to the Gamboa Rainforest Resort, where begins the tour boat “Gatun Expedition”. Navigate on the Chagres River passing the historic bridge of Gamboa and arriving at Gatun Lake, which is the world’s second largest artificial lake with 423 square kilometers.


This lake was formed by the construction of the Panama Canal over a hundred years ago. In our tour of Gatun Lake will see the huge ships transiting the Canal and visit some small islands along our route in search of monkeys, sloths, iguanas, crocodiles, eagles, toucans and many other animals and tropical birds.


The other tour offered in Gamboa Rainforest Resort is the Aerial Tram, which rises on a tour of several kilometers from the mainland through the silent forest. There you can see a variety of birds mingled with a thousand shades of green of different species of trees.

Aerial travel is made within 100 acres of rainforest concession of the Gamboa Rainforest Resort. You will find lush flora and fauna typical of neo-tropical forests of Panama. This stunning diversity of plants is the food source for all kinds of animals including the following mammals: coatimundi, peccary, howler monkeys, squirrels, capybaras and sloth. Beautiful birds such as toucans, trogons and parrots are also abundant.

The Aerial Tram runs 1.2 kms from the forest canopy and in 20 minutes you will arrive to the top of the “Cerro Pelado” where you will walk a small path leading to the observation tower, which has 10 levels of spiral ramp.

The exhibition area is composed of three exhibits that include: Butterfly Farm, Frog Garden, and Orchid Nursery. Also, included in the tour you will visit the  Gamboa Wildlife Rescue Center where you will see many animals that have been rescued by the Pan American Conservation Association, and finished the tour with a visit to the Sloth Sanctuary

Butterfly House or Butterfly Garden: These beautiful insects have been reproduced in a butterfly farm in order to show visitors about 200 species of butterflies.

Frog Garden: a garden that recreates almost perfect and natural, lush Panamanian rainforest. It is the new home to hundreds of frogs Darts native of tropical America, with more than 30 combinations of bright colors, where it will be possible to observe the complete cycle from mating, breeding, feeding and even territorial disputes between males.

Orchid: This is perhaps one of the few educational purposes orchid gardens of Panama. Unlike commercial greenhouses, here you can see a large number of native wildlife species of our country, including some that measure only millimeters.

Wildlife Rescue Center: Receives and rehabilitates injured, sick and orphaned animals, giving them the care and attention they need for their improvement, always under the supervision of the Pan American Conservation Association experts. In addition to being a safe space for them, it helps their mission to promote environmental awareness through education and highlighting the importance of the community’s role in protecting wildlife.

Sloth Sanctuary: Gamboa Rainforest Reserve and the APPC are working to support the conservation of the sloth with the creation of the Sloth Sanctuary. Here you can learn everything about how their habits, different species, evolution and threats to which they are exposed.

Recommendations: Comfortable clothes, binoculars, water.

Departure time: 7:00 a.m.

Weekdays: Tuesday to Sunday Hours – Closed on Mondays for maintenance.

Duration: approx. 6 hours

Consult us for the night in the hotel: we negotiated rates for you!

Includes: round trip transportation, activities and site guide

Price per person:

1 pax: $ 252.00

2 pax: $ 185.00

3 pax: $ 172.00

4 pax: $ 165.00

5 pax: $ 161.00

6 pax: $ 158.00

Guide: $160/group

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