#403 Romantic Escape (11 days)

Day 1:  Meet and transfer from Tocumen International Airport to the Canopy Tower, located in an impressive rainforest atop Semaphore Hill within Soberanía National Park, 35 miles north of Panamá City in the Republic of Panamá: The Canopy Tower is a prime location from which to observe the birds and other wildlife of the forest canopy. Because the birds and mammals are at eye level, it is common to get fantastic views otherwise nearly impossible from the ground.

You don’t have to leave the Tower to find birds; you don’t even have to leave your bedroom! Tanagers and Tityras can be seen right from your window, and you don’t have to worry about the rain. The dining area and the roof of the tower are better for finding elusive canopy birds, as well as Mantled Howlers, Geoffroy’s Tamarins and other mammals and birds, as you can scan in all directions. And all this without having to venture away from the Tower!

Lunch and  Dinner included.

Day 2 & Day 3: There are specialized optional tours offered for visitors who are interested in things other than birds. Please check the Vacation Packages at the Canopy tower and, specifically, these tours: Birds and History, Panama’s Natural and Cultural History, Tamarin Tour (mainly mammals) and Introduction to Nature Photography. Enjoy two days in pure nature!

Lunch and Dinner included.

Day 4: Our driver will take you to the Albrook Domestic Airport where you take a flight to David, capital of the Chiriquí province. After only one hour flight duration, we will take you from David to Boquete: a beautiful, small town of about 20,000 people in the western highlands of Panama, situated between the Caldera River and Baru Volcano and famous for some of the sweetest oranges and the richest coffees in all of Panama! You will stay at the ‘Los Establos’ Boutique Hotel: Whether you seek seclusion and tranquillity or thrills and adventure, ‘Los Establos’ is your home away from home, distinctive in every way. Situated 4000 feet above sea level and over 16 acres coffee farm in charming Boquete. ‘Los Establos’ offers spacious suites, magnificent views and luxurious hotel amenities. Featured, is the spectacular panorama! Overnight in a suite.

Day 5: You will explore the ‘Quetzales Trail’, one of the most beautiful trails in Central America. The trail cuts through some of the province’s most pristine, protected forest, offering spectacular views of the surrounding valley! During the hike, you will spot a great variety of trees, plant sand bird species, including the Resplendent Quetzal, the Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, Silvery-throated Jay, Black-faced Solitaire and the Barred Becard. Another night at the ‘Los Establos’. Overnight in a suite.

Box Lunch included.

Day 6: Half day Coffee Tour: Take part in the process of bringing coffee from the cherry to the cup! You will learn everything about the coffee process, from when the coffee tree is planted and starts growing, until the way coffee is brewed for you to drink it. You will also have a glance of the shade grown technique which only allows the precise amount of sun on each coffee tree and protects the environment. And you will end with a cupping, in which you will sample different flavors and roasts. ‘Los Establos’ for the night. Overnight in a suite.

Day 7: We will take you via ground and boat transfer to the Hotel Bocas Del Mar in Boca Chica:  a luxury Eco Resort, which is part of the National Marina Park in the golf of Chiriqui. It has over 100 islands (‘Islas Secas’) within its boundaries with innumerable untouched tropical palm-lined beaches: an unforgettable total immersion in nature: white sand beaches, private boat trips to uninhabited islands, kayaking into mangroves, bird watching, whale- and monkey-watching, swimming, snorkeling or surfing. Overnight in a deluxe bungalow.

Day 8: Relax at the Bocas Del Mar Resort: The surrounding area with countless bays, white sand beaches, sea & wild life provides for numerous tours and activities that will surprise even the most seasoned traveler. Or simply read a good book by the infinity-edge freshwater pool which is perched on the edge of the ocean, enjoy & explore the palm-lined beaches and bay with swim/sunbathing-platform; take the sea-kayaks unlimited for free. Overnight in a deluxe bungalow.

Day 9: Flight back to Panama City. Upon arrival, a driver will take you to Hotel Bristol. Overnight in a Deluxe Room.

Day 10: Partial Canal Transit Tour: In the morning, you will be collected for your transfer to Flamenco.  There you will take the tour bus, which will take you to the Gamboa area, where the trip starts. You will transit Pedro Miguel Locks. When entering Pedro Miguel Locks you will experience a drop of 9 meters in one step and find the Miraflores Lake, an artificial lake that connects Pedro Miguel Locks and Miraflores Locks. Afterwards you will enter the last set of locks called Miraflores Locks in the Pacific Ocean. You will be sailing the Pacific Ocean on the way to the disembarkation point at Amador Causeway, passing under the Bridge of the Americas (‘Puente de Las Americas’). Panama Bay will be the end of this unique trip.  Another night at Hotel Bristol. Overnight in a Deluxe Room.

Lunch included.

Day 11: At the appropriate time, transfer to Tocumen International Airport.


-Daily Breakfast included-

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2 pax double occupancy > USD 2,910.00


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