On Nature’s Tracks

Day 1: Meet and transfer from Tocumen International Airport to the ‘County Inn Hotel’. Overnight in a standard room.

Day 2: After breakfast, your English guide will take you to the most attractive and interesting sites of the Capital City, including the ruins of Old Panama City, which were destroyed by pirate Henry Morgan in 1671. Continue to the Colonial City or “Casco Viejo”, built in 1673, with special Spanish architecture, and where French workers, led by Ferdinand de Lesseps that initiated the project of the Panama Canal, had their homes. The tour will continue to the traditional and commercial areas, banking area, and the modern Panama City. Also, you will appreciate the biggest engineering structure of this century, considered the “Marvel of the World Number 8”. Learn about its function and history. Afterwards you will see the vessels as they transit through the Miraflores Locks at the Panama Canal and you will be taken to the Amador Causeway, a man made connection of three islands! Night at country Inn Amador along the panama canal and in front of the bridge of Americas.

Entry fees included.

Day 3: You will be picked up at your hotel for a transfer to Central Provinces, specifically the Province of Herrera, where you will stay in the Hotel Cubitá. Cubitá is the name used for the pre-Columbian indigenous major river in the area, and also for a town near where today is La Villa de Los Santos. herreraOvernight in a Standard Room.

Day 4 : Considered by many “the cultural heart of Panama”, the inhabitants of the “Peninsula de Azuero” live their traditions and folklore with pride and express it in many festivals throughout the year. You will see in detail the preparation of the “Pollera”, one of the most beautiful traditional costumes of the world, visiting artisans who dedicated their life to the development of the dress. You will also visit local artisans who make “diablicos” masks, drums and gold jewelry as part of the typical Panamanian culture. Night at Cubita Hotel.

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Day 5: You will visit Pesé in the heart of the Herrera Province and home of Hacienda San Isidro, where the famous Ron Abuelo and Seco Herrerano are produced. On traditional oxcarts we will be taken to the distillery at Hacienda San Isidro. At the distillery we will learn the different steps that are necessary to produce Rum and Seco from sugarcane – grinding, fermenting and distilling. We will then continue to the bodega where the rum is being aged in barrels in two different processes. A traditional Panamanian lunch, rum tasting of the Ron Abuelos aged 5, 7, 12 and 30 years (Ron Abuelo Centuria) and an open bar with rum and seco based cocktails round off this authentic Panamanian rum tour.

We will take you back to Panama City in the afternoon, where you will stay at the ‘Country Inn Hotel’ in a standard room.


Day 6: Morning pick up for the “Chagres Cave” tour, surrounded by the dense and rich Tropical Rain Forest which is part of Panama, Chagres National Park. The caves of Chagres National Park are ancient and natural beauty, its conformation is a little humid and has insects, reptiles, and flying mammals. The caves are a place with a short distance in between and you can enjoy the scenery provided by stalactites and stalagmites of an important size; these have the peculiar characteristic of producing sounds similar to bells with the softest touch. In these caves, it is possible to find vestiges of ancient inhabitants that might use this stone formation like refugee from the weather and the beasts. You will be in the caves for around two hours. Afterwards, transfer back to Panama City.  Another night at the ‘Country Inn Hotel’.

Box Lunch included.

Day 7: Our driver will take you to the Albrook Domestic Airport for a flight to David, capital of the Chiriquí province. After only one hour flight duration, we will take you from David to Boquete: a beautiful, small town of about 20,000 people in the western highlands of Panama, situated between the Caldera River and Baru Volcano and famous for some of the sweetest oranges and the richest coffees in all of Panama! You will stay at Villa Marita hotel, perched in the serene hills of Boquete.

Day 8: After a great breakfast buffet and gourmet coffee, you will explore the ‘Quetzales Trail’, one of the most beautiful trails in Central America. The trail cuts through some of the province’s most pristine, protected forest, offering spectacular views of the surrounding valley! During the hike, you will spot a great variety of trees, plant sand bird species, including the Resplendent Quetzal, the Silvery-fronted Tapaculo, Silvery-throated Jay, Black-faced Solitaire and the Barred Becard. Another night at Villa Marita.

Box Lunch included.

Day 9: Half day Coffee Tour: Take part in the process of bringing coffee from the cherry to the cup! You will learn everything about the coffee process, from when the coffee tree is planted and starts growing, until the way coffee is brewed for you to drink it. You will be able to appreciate the importance of the Ngöbe Buglé indigenous that hand pick the red coffee berries when they are perfectly ripe. You will also have a glance of the shade grown technique which only allows the precise amount of sun on each coffee tree and protects the environment. And you will end with a cupping, in which you will sample different flavors and roasts. Then you will drive up (6 kms) to reach the altitude of 1,800 meters: the Boquete tree treck mountain resort offer great charm surrounded by the primary forest and a pure water river with a bridge that would inspire “Indiana Jones”! . Night at Boquete Tree Treck Resort.

Day 10: After you had their delicious breakfast, it’s time for the ZIP LINE: the second longest of central America. A unique opportunity to see the canopy and have great fun sliding from one tree to another. Easy and safe, accessible for kids from 12 to adults up to 80! After lunch, we will take you to David where you will take, at 05:30 pm,  a flight back to Panama City. Night at the ‘Country Inn Hotel’.

Day 11: On the last day of your Panama Nature Tour: early morning pick up for a Birdwatching tour. Located at the ‘Soberania National Park’, in the province of Colon, only a 40- minute drive from Panama City, the Pipeline Road – located after the Gamboa town –  offers great birding opportunities. The pipeline Road is considered by many to be one of the best birding locations in all of the tropics. In a single day it is possible to see up to 300 species. Observe a variety of exotic tropical birds while enjoying the surrounding trees and plants of this area. You might spot many more animals, including Howler monkeys, sloths, iguanas, frogs, toads, and rodents such as the agouti, paca, and capybara. Note that it is important to wake up early to be there to see the birds: after 10:00 am most are not visible due to heat. At around noon, return to your hotel and transfer to the int’l airport for your flight back home.

English guide specialist in bird watching + Lunch box included.


All Daily Breakfast included

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